Kendall Jenner Is Viral Again.

Kendall Jenner is responding to an image of her that has gone viral.

The image is a screenshot of a picture shared on Kendall's Facebook page. She's dressed in black, wearing a face mask and holding up a sign that says "black lives matter" . The sign doesn't appear in the shadow behind her, suggesting the sign was photoshopped into the image.

Kendall has tweeted a response to the image saying that the picture was photoshopped.

She retweeted an account that had shared the image along with the caption "What's missing from Kendall Jenner's shadow?", with her own caption stating, "this is photoshopped by someone. i DID NOT post this. [sic]."

Comments have been mixed on her response. Some people have been supportive while others referencing the out of touch Pepsi advert that Kendall came under fire for in 2017.

Photos by Getty Images

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