D.C. Mayor Being Sued Over Black Lives Matter Murial

A group is suing D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser over her decision to paint “Black Lives Matter” down two blocks of 16th Street, which leads to the White House.

They state she violated the First Amendment and showed favoritism to “the Black Lives Matter cult orthodoxy.”

Filed in federal court the lawsuit complained her decision to rename a nearby street “Black Lives Matter Plaza,”and the painting came at the taxpayers’ expense and showed a preference for one or belief over others.

The 51-page complaint filed at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia is that Ms. Bowser is violating the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

“The Black Lives Matter banner conveys that black people are the favored race of the city of DC, which is of course a racist contention floated by a racist Democrat who persistently refuses to think logically,” the lawsuit said.

Pastor Rich Penkoski, is the named plaintiff in the case. He’s joined by Chris Sevier, a former judge advocate general, and Tex Christopher, a D.C. lobbyist.

The three plaintiffs asked the court to order Ms. Bowser to alternate other banners down the street so she is not showing favoritism to a preferred group.

D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had "Black Lives Matter" painted on the street that leads to the White House.

The people who painted it were from the D.C. Public Works department.

"There was a dispute this week about whose street this is," John Falcicchio, chief of staff said. "Mayor Bowser wanted to make it abundantly clear that this is DC's street and to honor demonstrators who (were) peacefully protesting on Monday evening."

President Trump slammed Bowser.

"The incompetent Mayor of Washington, D.C., @MayorBowser, who’s budget is totally out of control and is constantly coming back to us for 'handouts', is now fighting with the National Guard, who saved her from great embarrassment...over the last number of nights. If she doesn’t treat these men and women well, then we’ll bring in a different group of men and women!"

Bowser tweeted later in the morning that that particular section of 16th Street has been renamed "Black Lives Matter Plaza."

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