H-Town Informs The World Of George Floyd's Hip Hop Past

According to the Houston Chronicle George Floyd moved from Houston and was a part of the Hip Hop community.

Floyd rapped under the name Big Floyd and appeared on DJ Screw's mixtapes during the late 90s and early 2000s as well as the Presidential Playas album Block Party.

Since his passing members of Screwed Up Click, are paying their respects on social media while providing insight into Floyd’s importance to their scene.

“Minneapolis Police, Murdered My Homie In Broad Daylight,” wrote Trae Tha Truth on Instagram. “Houston Texas This is one of our own From 3rd Ward Cuney Homes!! This Video is Heartbreaking To Watch Him Beg For His Life… This Was A Good Man, He Always Helped Out In The community and wit the kids and More..

“He Lost A Lot Of Family in Life And Now Y’all Murder Him …” he continued. “Your Only Reason You Say is because a check didn’t go through!! U Got Me F****D Up!! @shaunking @leemerrittesq It’s That Time !! I’m Applying Pressure!!! Rest Easy George Floyd….”

Photos by Getty Images

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