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Big Meech May Get A Prison Release

Black Mafia Family co-founder Big Meech is serving out a 30-year sentence, after pleading guilty to running a continuing criminal enterprise and conspiring to launder money, in 2007.

Big Meech filed an emergency motion asking the court to grant his immediate release, due to his risk of catching the coronavirus.

His request was denied, but his brother Terry "Southwest T" Flenory was granted an early release. Big Meech's lawyers revealed that the same medical professionals who concluded his brother should be released found there was little difference between the two brothers.

The Division Head of Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, concluded that Big Meech is at a heightened risk of COVID-19, due to his age, hypertension, and other health factors. He even received a co-sign from State Representative Jewell Jones, Deputy Democratic Caucus Chair.

The Flenory brothers' life story is about to be dramatized in an upcoming series for Starz being produced by 50 Cent.

"Flenory is the first to tell the undersigned, his children, and frankly anyone who will listen that engaging in that life hurt so many people. It fueled addiction, exacerbated poverty, encouraged other crime, and had numerous other deleterious effects," explained Big Meech's lawyer Wade G. Fink. "Flenory is now paying the price for it with 30 years of his life...but Flenory is determined, whenever he gets out, to do everything in his power to deter the life he pursued."

Big Meech's lawyers filed a second motion to press the government, and a judge has ordered the Feds to respond.

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