Future Denied A Drop In His Paternity Case

A judge has denied Future’s request to dismiss Eliza Reign’s paternity lawsuit.

Future demanded to have Reign’s paternity case thrown out last week, claiming that Reign committed “fraud upon the court.”

The Claim is that Reign committed criminal contempt of court comes when she lied about her income in court documents.

Future says Reign is actually the owner of a new SUV, has several bank accounts and does, in fact, have a job. He feels these actions exhibit perjury and wants the state Attorney General to look into the matter.

Reign says she has the right to claim indigency in her paternity and child support case, revealing that she does have bank accounts but only has small amounts of money in them. In Florida, if you have less than $2,500, you qualify for indigency.

The entire case comes from a lawsuit Reign filed against Future last year over the paternity of her child and child support.

Photos by Getty Images

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