Did 50 Cent Order A Beatdown?

An Australian artist who has been trolling 50 Cent with viral murals claims he was assaulted because of his art.

The artist Lushsux shared a screenshot of one of 50’s latest social media posts on Instagram and claimed he was put in the hospital by 6 or 7 goons. The picture was one of his murals that was a mashup of 50 and Mike Tyson. The post also featured another photo of him on what appears to be a hospital bed with a bloody pillow.

The alleged beatdown came after 50 shared the picture of the mural in question and stated in the caption “This guy need a ass whoopin bad, he still doing this shit.”

50 shared another post making light of the fact that Lashux got hands and feet put on him. But also made sure to point out that he had nothing to do with the beat down.

Photos by Getty Images

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