Miami Policeman's Wife Dies Of Overheating In Her Husband's SUV

The wife of a City of Miami Police officer died when she became trapped in her husband’s patrol unit.

Clara Paulino was the back seat of the SUV, parked outside the couple’s home to look for something, and got trapped inside for four hours without any way of contacting anyone.

Paulino’s family found her.

The vehicle’s doors lock on their own once they closeand there's a partition between the back seat and the front seat which prevented Paulino from being able to honk the horn.

The heat index was 92 degrees.

Aristides Paulino, covers the midnight shift in Wynwood and has worked for the department for more than 25 years. When he got home and he fell asleep but may have left his unit unlocked.

The case has been turned over to Miami-Dade Police.

Photos by Getty Images