Billboard's New Rules May Seriously Change The Charts

Billboard has announced that it will no longer count album sales bundled with merchandise and concert tickets for its charts.

The music company explained that:

- Albums sold with merchandise or concert tickets must be promoted as an add-on for those purchases in order to be counted on its charts.

- Physical albums or singles sold as a bundle with digital downloads will no longer be counted as digital sales. This eliminates “spontaneous” non-manufactured items being used to influence first-week chart rankings,”

- Physical item will ONLY be counted in the official tally once it is shipped to the consumer.

These new rules will eradicate the practice of selling vinyl, CDs and other physical releases that will not be sent to consumers for weeks or months!

“Billboard is implementing these changes to address widespread concerns that an accurate measure of consumer intent — which has been the basis of the Billboard charts since their inception — is being undermined by increasingly-common bundling practices,” the company wrote. “The new guidelines will better ensure that Billboard chart rankings more accurately reflect the conscious purchasing decisions of consumers and level the playing field for all artists.”

Photos by Getty Images

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