Ludacris Dropped New Music In Instagram Battle

Ludacris and Nelly squared off in their Instagram Live battle and thanks to technical difficulties fans were treated to a few unreleased cuts from Ludacris.

“Silence Of The Lambs,” features Lil Wayne & the second song with Chance The Rapper was far more mellow.

Luda also revealed that he had several songs still in the vault that haven’t been released and he may possibly have a collaboration project with Timbaland. That comes after he, Lil Jon and Usher teased following the release of “SexBeat,”.

In the second half of the battle, Luda also revealed the original intention for “Money Maker,”was to feature Nelly on the hook.

Despite the WiFi connection, things smoothed out for the second half, leaving many fans wondering what songs either artist left on the table.

“It was a privilege and an honor,” Luda told Nelly. “Diamond album, double album, there is nobody quite like Nelly.” Nelly echoed his sentiments, “There’ll never be another Ludacris!”

Photos by Getty Images

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