Uber Eats Now Delivers To Your Friends

Uber Eats launched a new feature that allows you to send food to your loved ones.

To celebrate Uber Eats is teamed up with Starbucks to let people send a drink or menu item to whomever, the same way you can order something for yourself. You just need to put in the address of the recipient.

You'll be able to share the delivery status with them so they know when and where their food will be dropped off, so even if the recipient doesn't have an Uber Eats account installed on their phone they can watch their order get to them through text message notifications.

There's also no distance limit on this new feature, so if your loved one lives in a different state or even a country that is Uber Eats-eligible, you can still send them something from their favorite restaurant.

"Our new socially distant reality has transformed how people connect with those they care about, leaving many looking for ways to feel closer to friends and loved ones. And if there’s one thing we know to be true, food has a way of doing exactly that," the brand said in a news release.

Photos by Getty Images

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