"My Perogotive" Almost Didn't Happen Says Teddy Riley

Of the VAST successes that producer Teddy Riley has the one that almost didn't happen was his work with Bobby Brown.

Brown’s declaration that he didn’t need “permission to make my own decisions” in “My Prerogative” almost didn’t happen because Riley and Brown had beef in the studio.

“Actually for ‘My Prerogative,’ we did it at the house. He sung it just like how we wanted it. We was bull crapping around and that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’ve got to keep that same thing when you get to the studio,” Riley shared. “The problem was when we got to the studio and it was time to sing, he wanted to go on tenor only mode. I was like, ‘This song is too high for some tenor only mode.’”

Brown started flexing on the famed producer but Riley was unbothered. “I was like, ‘Well, listen. We don’t have to do this’ and then he walked out on me… I was like, ‘I could take this song and give it to someone else.’ But this was made strictly for him.”

Brown disappeared for three hours. Little Sails was called for a come to Jesus moment with the singer, which made Brown return to the studio.

“He said, ‘If it don’t come out right… We’re going to do it my way,’” Riley recalled. “I’m so glad it frustrated him, because it came out on the record,”

Brown was happy with the final product and even name checked Riley on the song.

“My Prerogative” climbed the charts to Billboard’s No. 1 spot and sat there for 24 weeks.

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