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Former Disneyland Worker Outs Celebs On Tik Tok

A former Disneyland employee has blown up on tik tok as she posted her feelings about celebs that have visited the park when she worked there. Outing those who were cool and those who WERE NOT!

She met big-time celebs like Will Ferrell, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, and many more. TikTok user @coliepolieolie21 made a two-part video series calling out how celebrities acted when she encountered them:

WILL FERRELL -"Will Ferrell was the very first celebrity I met at my very first shift at Disneyland when I worked at the Haunted Mansion, and he is very cool. A very nice man."

JASON DERULO - "Jason Derulo does not know lyrics to Christmas songs and he had to write the lyrics on his hand. It was kind of embarrassing."

MARIAH CAREY & NICK CANNON - "And these people (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon) are awful. I had to deal with both of them separately. She is an absolute diva and he is an absolute diva and I hope that no cast member has to deal with these monsters ever again."

MARY J BLIGE - "Talented. Brilliant. Amazing. Show-stopping. Queen. She was the nicest person ever and she sings amazing live."

DEMI LOVATO - "I know I'm doing her dirty, but it's Poot. I mean, I gotta include Poot. No joke, Demi Lovato is also very kind. She was also a great singer live. Loved her."

KOBE BRYANT - "Last, but not least, Kobe. He was so sweet and his family was so sweet. They were beautiful and I'm really sad that he's gone."

Photos by Getty Images

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