Zoe Bell's Boss Bitch Challenge Is Blowing Up!

Many of Hollywood's top actresses took part in an epic "fight scene" video last week without ever being in the same room together.

The video was directed, produced and first posted by actress Zoë Bell. The fast-paced clip shows dozens of female celebrities and stuntwomen "fighting" with each other through the lenses of their cameras.

Bell began the over five-minute long clip sitting on her couch. "I'm so bored. I just want to play with my friends," the New Zealand native said. "Wait a minute, I can play with my friends."

She then charges toward the camera and appears to kick it, with the shot cutting to reveal Lucy Lawless.

Lawless, acts shocked before pulling out Xena's signature weapon, the chakram, and punching the camera. Then, every actress and stunt woman joins in on the battle.

Drew Barrymore smacks the camera, Rosario Dawson kicks at the viewer with a smile and Cameron Diaz, after falling onto her groceries, fights back. Florence Pugh uses what appears to be a dog bone to defend herself and Zoe Saldana is sprayed with water before striking back. Halle Berry is hit by horse droppings and falls back into a pool before Scarlett Johansson tosses a medicine ball at the next victim. Margot Robbie even pulled her Harley Quinn "Good Night" bat to smack her rival to oblivion.

The video, titled "Boss Bitch Fight Challenge" on Bell's YouTube channel, has over 1,410,000 views. Bell also posted the full clip on Instagram, as did many of the other stars seen battling it out in the epic scene.

Photos by Getty Images

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