DEA Agent Accused Of Stealing PPE

A DEA agent and a telecom specialist are accused of stealing PPE, toilet paper and other supplies from an agency warehouse in Florida. Both were suspended and the agent was asked to hand over his gun pending an internal review.

Special Agent Javier Hernandez is just the latest employee of the DEA’s Miami field division to be accused of misconduct. Hernandez is suspected of swiping PPE, toilet paper and batteries from storage and the telecommunications specialist took materials from the warehouse but returned it after a supervisor confronted him the missing supply.

The incident raises questions about security measures at the DEA facility in Weston and how the case was handled. The DEA's Miami field office has been rocked by two major scandals in the last few months.

Federal prosecutors recently charged DEA agent Jose Irizarry with conspiring to launder money, Investigators also wiretapped a retired DEA supervisor from the same office last year.

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