Sports & Music Might Not Get All Their Fans Back

A new poll of American consumers less than half of those surveyed planned to return to major sporting and entertainment events as soon as government restrictions are lifted.

As governments around the world start to relax the rules, will consumers readily return to sporting, music and other live events while there is a risk of the virus returning and still no vaccine available to protect people from contracting it?

The research suggests that the live entertainment business may have to deal with an annoyingly slow return to the norm. Those respondents who would, go to sporting, music or other live events, are around four in ten. Another 40% said that they were willing to wait for a vaccine to be developed even if it could take more than a year for such a vaccine to be identified and tested.

A number of organisations in the sports sector are considering resuming their competitions but having games and matches go ahead without an audience in the venue. A similar move in music could see artists perform in empty venues with the show livestreamed.

Photos by Getty Images

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