Men Seem To Be Vulnerable To Covid-19 Then Women

Statistics are showing that the coronavirus is taking the lives of more men than women, even where women account for more of the confirmed cases.

The higher rate of deaths also proves disproportionately deadly for blacks but takes a smaller toll on Hispanics.

The random impact of the virus has become one of its defining characteristics. Some people catch it and quickly enter a downward spiral of sickness, hospitalization, intubation and death. Others have coldlike symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Data collected by state health departments across the country show that in most cases, men fare worse than women among people who test positive for the virus. In Washington state, men accounted for 46% of the COVID-19 cases but 55% of the deaths.

Similar disparities in outcomes for men and women were found in other states, including Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia.

What this means for the diagnosis of the virus remains to be seen.

Photos by Getty Images

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