Domestic Violence On The Rise In L.A.

Los Angeles County domestic violence cases have been climbing amid stay-at-home orders.

Domestic violence calls are up more than 8% as compared with last year. Services and resources are available around the clock and domestic violence shelters are still open and accepting people.

Authorities said stay-at-home orders and school closures have created conditions that allow child abuse and neglect to go undetected. Educators account for 20% of calls to child protective services nationwide, but now teachers, guidance counselors and daycare providers are no longer in a position to witness and report suspected abuse and act as a lifeline to children.

Social workers urged people concerned about a particular family to help by doing small things to ease stress. That could include assisting in providing food or other supplies, like toilet paper or coloring books.

Listening can also help relieve stress, while virtual check-ins via phone, text or video can allow concerned individuals to be a supportive presence and watch for signs of distress, according to experts.

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