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Miami A Leading City In Social Distress Due To Covid

Miami is amongst the most financially distressed due to COVID-19.

From social distancing slowing down the restaurant business service, industry workers impacted by the ravaged tourism economy and vaccines that are slow in coming.

Miami is 22nd in the nation for changes in credit score, 14th in bankruptcy filings, 8th for people searching for information on loans, sixth for share of people with accounts in distress, and number one for online searches that involved the word debt.

Long lines stretch across South Florida for food distribution, as debt-impacted residents lined up for food and cash gift cards.

The top 10 US cities in most financial distress during the global pandemic are:

1 Las Vegas, NV

2 Phoenix, AZ

3 Chicago, IL

4 Miami, FL

5 San Antonio, TX

6 Los Angeles, CA

7 Fort Worth, TX

8 Houston, TX

9 Dallas, TX

10 Austin, TX

Photos by Getty Images

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