Foods That Can Help Your Immune System

People are moving less and not working out in gyms, so they might not be keeping up with healthy habits. This raises the questions about supplements?

Experts say your best defense is vitamins and minerals through food. Now if that's not possible herbs, adaptogens and other supplements is a good option.

"It's known that the white blood cells need 1,000 times more dose of vitamin C to help support. So we're not dosing for deficiency. It's actually to promote an enzyme reaction in the body," stated Dr. Alexis Daniels of Vitality Labs.

Then there's staying hydrated!

"There's no amount of food you can eat or hand washing you can do if you're not staying hydrated. When you don't hydrate, micro-cracks can happen in your skin. Also your mucous membranes can get dried out. A lot of bacteria and viruses enter our body through our nose or mouth our eyes," said Jessica Siegel a dietitian at Gelson.

Eating the right foods can be your best defense when it comes to keeping your immune system in fighting shape.

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