There Are Animals In The Streets?!

It's quiet outside. Covid-19 has effectively shut down the nation and other than the few that has to go to and from work the streets are virtually quiet. The world has slowed down to fight COVID-19 and wild animals have noticed.

Sightings of animals in the city are buzzing all over the net an the obvious question rises. Are the animals invading because the people are not around?

Wildlife Biologist Joanna Lambert state, “They are paying attention, and certainly things have quieted down. One of the hallmarks of species that live near or within human settlements is that they are very behaviorally flexible and responsive to these kinds of changes.”

Animals qualify humans as predators so they naturally route their movements to ours.

“They will be very sensitive in terms of the time of day that they're coming out and they will be most active when humans are least active.”

Now the fact that our patterns have changed has caused animals to come closer to our estaaablishments, but there is also an alternative reason for most of the sightings that have been happening.

“With more people at home looking or being outside, wildlife sightings could go up,” The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department says. “This won’t be a new phenomenon, the animals have always been there, but they may have previously gone undetected.”

Now that you have time to stop and smell the roses you now are more aware of whats around them. So, if you now finally realize that there's a Coyote on a lawn or a wildcat in a tree by all means enjoy the view just be smart and keep your distance.

Photos by Getty Images

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