Remy Ma Speaks Wisely About Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma has had a long and complicated career in hip hop and now that she like many has had a lot off time on her hands the rapper has contemplated some of the conflicts in her past.

“I can't really say who it is what they said because then people will know who said it. But, I just couldn’t believe it", sha said in a conversation with Fat Joe on IGLive. "Anytime anyone came to me and was telling me like, ‘Yo, this was said,’ I was like ‘No, I don’t believe it’ because we had a conversation. I told her ‘Yo, you supposed to say you the best. Same when I was supposed to say I’m the best.”

Her beef with Nicki Minaj is well chronicled and the events that led to that beef she thought was manufactured until she read the things said about her.

“When I saw it with my own eyes, I’m like ‘How you hatin’ on me? How could you try to wish bad on me? I come from the bottom. We not even in the same lane".

Her past disike of Minaj was set aside as she acknowledged Nicki;s career.

“Regardless, I feel like whatever happened with ‘Shether,’ that opened the doors for all the females that you see right now. You would have never heard them. Ever,” Remy said. “But, in Nicki’s defense, now I see why she wasn’t dealing with some of these b***hes because...Yo! I be looking sometimes at some of these women and be like, ‘Yo, there’s enough room for everybody. Why you doing shorty like that?’ I just don’t understand their thought process or their logic. So when you do get in that spot, most of the time if you’re a female, anybody’s that around you gonna be like ‘Nah lock it down. Keep it for yourself. Don’t share your spotlight with nobody else. Don’t let nobody in.’”

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