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Covid Numbers At A New Low In Florida

Florida's confirmed COVID-19 positivity rate dropped below 4%.

The positivity rate for new cases in the state was 3.92%, the lowest that rate has been in several months. The positivity rate for all cases, including people who have already been tested, was 4.86%.

Miami-Dade County reached 496,961 cases, along with a total of 6,344 COVID-related deaths.

Broward County, there were 242,888 total COVID-19 cases reported, along with 3,043 virus-related deaths.

Palm Beach County had 147,270 total cases and 2,837 virus-related deaths, while Monroe County had 7,056 cases and 49 deaths.

Numbers are trending downward as the number of vaccinated people increases.

"We all want to be on the other side of the pandemic," Dr. Wesley Long, a pathologist at Houston Methodist said. "And it's OK to feel excitement about changes in mask mandates or about decreasing case numbers and mortality. But it's important to remember how we got here. A lot of the benefits we're seeing now are largely driven by vaccines and compliance."

Photos by Getty Images

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