Broward County Sheriffs Lose One Of Their Own To Covid-19

The Broward County Sheriff's Office has lost on of their own to the Coronavirus. Deputy Shannon Bennett a 12 year veteran passed away after showing signs of recovery from Covid-19.

Bennett was diagnosed with the virus back on March 23rd, but unfortunately passed away while under hospital care. Bennett was described as a fine deputy and an excellent individual.

Bennett is just the 3rd person under 40 to have died from the virus, as it is unknown where and when he contracted the disease.

“He was on duty when he reported it so as far as I’m concerned this is an ‘in the line of duty’ death,” Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony said during a press conference announcing the passing of Bennett.

Shannon was among 21 first responders who were positive for COVID-19 and as of now 11,111 people in Florida have the virus, with 191 dead.

Photos by Broward County Sheriffs Office

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