Millions Are Still Waiting For Their Stimulus Checks

Tens of millions of people are still waiting for their cash.

Many low-income families who don't normally file tax returns, people who receive Supplemental Security Income, and veterans who receive pensions from the federal government, but it also includes people like the self-employed whose business has evaporated since the shutdowns began.

Like many of the self-employed the IRS doesn't know their bank account numbers, thus shutting out of the first round of payments.

Nearly 90 million of the 150 million eligible for stimulus money had received their payment, as the IRS started by sending money to the people it could reach the fastest. Anyone who had direct deposit information already on file with the agency because they were due a refund on their federal tax returns.

Some people who don't fall into that group have already received a paper check in the mail and the IRS began sending those out last week.

Others could be waiting for months as the money goes out in phases. The government can process roughly 5 million checks a week.

The IRS released guidelines to help Americans eligible to receive stimulus checks from the government, get their money as soon as possible.

According to the IRS, the best way for Americans to receive their money as soon as possible is by making make sure they've filed a tax return for 2019 or 2018 that includes bank information so the Treasury Department can direct deposit the money into your account.

Photo: Getty Images

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