Gov. DeSantis Looks Forward To Labor Day Weekend

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expects things to be better during Labor Day weekend than they were on Memorial Day.

“I think you can be very active and just do it in a way that makes sense,” DeSantis said. “I think a lot of Floridians have really gotten into a good groove. You know, we’re open. We have stuff going on, they understand that. Schools (reopening), obviously a big part of that. You know, but they’re doing the basic things, and so I think If they continue to do that, I think we should be in good shape.”

During the Memorial Day weekend, people were reported meeting in groups across the state, with media attention focused on police having to disperse hundreds from an unauthorized gathering along a beachside road in Daytona Beach.

Floridians celebrated the Memorial Day and the number of coronavirus cases stood at 52,255, and the virus was tied to 2,338 deaths. Monday, the state reported 623,471 cases and 11,331 deaths of Florida residents.

Photos by Getty Images