Shaquille O’Neal Defends His Appearance In Netflix's ‘Tiger King’

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ … Seriously, what are you doing?! It’s not like you have anything else to do.

Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet then you probably don’t know that Shaquille O’Neal makes a cameo in the documentary. A cameo, that he now finds himself defending.

In Netflix’s seven-part docu-series, ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’, the NBA Champion is seen visiting Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma Zoo years before it closed amid Joe’s legal battle with Carole Baskin and alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Well, with the series increasing popularity, on an episode of his podcast, The Big Podcast With Shaq, the Hall of Famer had to explain the visit.

Saying, “So we go in there, and it’s a beautiful place, and the character that was there was Exotic Joe. We’re there, and I dropped some donations for the tigers’ foods and all that. We take pictures with tigers. We went back a couple times.”

However, Shaq goes on to share that once he learned the animals were being mistreated in addition to Joe Exotic’s illegal activities becoming public, he says he never went back.

“Then we go back another time, and we found out that he’s involved with all the stuff, and then, actually, I stopped going. I don’t harm tigers. I love tigers. I love white tigers. Do I put donations to these zoos to help these tigers out? I do it all the time. Do I own tigers personally at my house? No. But I love tigers.”

He continued by saying, “Listen, people are going to make their own opinions, but, again, I was just a visitor. I met this guy – not my friend. Don’t know him. Never had any business dealings with him, and I had no idea any of that stuff was going on.”


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