Luxury Brands Remove Items & Board Storefronts To Avoid Possible Break-Ins

Things are getting pretty eerie outside as luxury brands in Los Angles and cities across the county are clearing their shelves and boarding up their storefront to prevent potential break-ins.

As we enter the third week of a nationwide quarantine in the United States, guns sales have risen, gatherings are limited to 10 people and now luxury brand companies are preparing for potential break-ins.

Everywhere high-end shopping districts, including Rodeo Drive in LA are taking precautions to protect their high-end items. In photos obtained by TMZ, stores like Pottery Barn are seen with several slabs of wood covering the doors and windows.

According to the outlet, companies are just overly cautious about protecting themselves from break-ins as they anticipate being closed for a while.

In case you missed it, President Trump has extended the quaratine until April 30th.


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