Diddy Encourages Everyone To Show Love And Support To Healthcare Workers

As we continue to battle this pandemic, healthcare workers around the world prove that are real heroes of this situation and Diddy wants to the world to know it.

Late Saturday night, Diddy took to Instagram took upload a video of himself speaking about the pandemic and the changes it has brought. In addition, he encouraged everyone to show support to healthcare workers.

Below the video, the mogul wrote: “We can’t just sit back and leave our healthcare workers abandoned and unprotected. Over the next few days, I’ll be locked in and focused on finding ways to directly support our healthcare workers but I don’t have all the answers. If you want to help or have any great ideas, please reach out to me now! God bless us all.”

But, what Puff Daddy said in the video? Well, it was pretty powerful. Saying, "Let’s get people involved. Let’s figure out a way to get people involved because people want to do something. There’s no way you could have power and not want to do something with it. I don’t know what superhero story they were watching, but the true superheroes they did it for the good though.”


Photo: Getty Images

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