Apple Is Testing A New Feature That Will Allow Users To Unsend Texts

Let’s face it, we all wish we could unsend text messages. Whether you sent a sexy screenshot to the wrong person, drunk texted your ex or bad mouthed the person you were talking about… To them directly. It can get messy!

Well it seems Apple is about to change the whole game! Per the Business Insider, messages can be retracted through iMessage. However, it’s not as clean cut and easy as it seems.

Apparently once the message is retracted, a notification with very fine print will pop up in the conversation notifying everyone involved that the message was unsent.

As of now, there is no word on what or if there will be a time limit for the messages or if feature will be available if you’re texting an android user.

The new feature is reportedly set to be a part of the next iOS update for iPhone users. This is either can help or hurt a lot of relationships. No more putting people on blast! Are you excited?

Photo: Getty Images

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