A$AP Rocky Talks Trump In Wall Street Journal’s Men’s March Edition

After a whirlwind of year in 2019, Pretty Boy Flacko is back and showcasing his dope and creative style on the cover on the Men’s March Edition of the Wall Street Journal.

If you remember, last year In 2019, A$AP Rocky found himself arrested and imprisoned in Sweden, after a street brawl. While many celebrities and fans came to his support, it was ultimately President Donald Trump who was instrumental in his release.

In the new issue, the Harlem native talks about his interaction with the President after his release.


“[President Trump] called me shortly after I came out. He was just like, ‘How you doing?’ I was like, ‘I’m good.’ I thanked him, and that was really it. Cordial.”

Now, many people thought that President Trump had a hidden agenda in helping A$AP, especially with re-election being on his sight. When speaking on whether that was a possibility, the 31-year-old said:

“Man, I wouldn’t know. That’s a very big possibility. I was just thanking whoever helped me when I was in that sh*t. I wasn’t concerned with anyone’s motivations.”

Interesting. Well, at the end of the day A$AP is home and back doing what he does best: music and fashion. A win-win, right?


Photo: Wall Street Journal

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