Nicki Minaj Reveals Six Personal Facts She's Learned About The Barbz

Nicki Minaj

Photo: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj knows her fans all too well.

On Tuesday afternoon, February 20, the Harajuku Barbie took to X/Twitter and reflected on her experience with her loyal fanbase known as "the Barbz." In a lengthy post, Minaj revealed six things she's learned about her fans just from interacting with them on social media over the past 15 years.

"Things I’ve learned about the #Barbz since 2009 on this app," she began. "1. They NEVER Forget 😒 2. They don’t care how long it take to get a OPP bakk. 3. They NEVER stop once they start. They’ll be in that ass #ForLife (moment 4 Life voice)."

"4. They beat everyone @ their OWN game while laughing & supporting Onika," she continued. "5. They make a fun sport out of giving ppl a taste of their own medicine. So if you do something, they will patiently wait for their turn & chiiiiiiii. WooWEE 🫢 6. It’s never business with the barbz. Once they feel that line is crossed, it’s personal. Read #6 again. It wasn’t a typo."

"I’m not their fave, I’m their family," she concluded. "Know the difference & then… Play @ your own risk 😝😉"

Nicki Minaj gave her fans all the props possible ahead of her "Pink Friday 2 World Tour." The string of shows begins March 1 in Oakland, Calif. with special guest Monica and will hit other major cities around the world. She will also headline festivals like Rolling Loud California and Dreamville Festival in North Carolina.

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