Snoop Dogg Says 'Pride' Stopped Him From Filing For Bankruptcy

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Many people have trouble handling finances, but if the situation gets bad enough, they may be forced to file for bankruptcy. That's nearly what happened with Snoop Dogg but he said his "pride" wouldn't let him do it.

Snoop recently revealed that he faced financial hardships in the past that led to tough discussions with his accountant about the possibility of declaring bankruptcy, per HipHopDX.

"There were times in my career where it got so bad my accountant was like, 'We should just do bankruptcy,'" he said, though he wasn't having any of that. "My pride got involved. F--- that. If I say bankruptcy then I look like I f----- off everything."

He continued, "They started telling me, 'Well, this artist did it and this person it.' I said, 'None of them muthaf----- Black! You ain't name nobody that look like me!'"

The "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper said that while other celebrities may have also filed for bankruptcy, he believed it would be perceived differently if he were to do it too.

"They can do that s--- and get back in the game and it won't look crazy," he said. "When we do it, 'Oh, that n---- f----- off his money, he ain't s---.' So now we gotta start three feet behind the line again."

Snoop's financial situation seems to have improved, even recently revealed his new line of smokeless stoves called "Solo Stove," though he gave fans quite a shock teasing the project by saying he had decided to "give up smoke." While some fans couldn't believe he was giving up his status as a weed connoisseur, others didn't think that was the case, with some speculating he was going to drop a line of vapes or edibles. Snoop's trolling came to a head days later when he announced the stove line, saying his was "done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky-icky-icky."

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