Offset Appears To Respond To Video From Nicki Minaj's Husband & His Crew


Photo: Getty Images

Offset isn't paying attention to petty threats from his opps.

On Friday night, September 16, Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty posted up with his boys in front of a building in New York City where they thought the Atlanta native was staying at. One of Petty's goons went live on Instagram and showed them standing across the street as they waited for the "FAN" rapper to come outside. In clips of the livestream that have spread on social media, Petty and his people can be heard calling Offset out for something they claim occurred at the MTV VMAs last week. Unfortunately for them, Offset was nowhere near that building.

One of the men in the video seemingly explained what caused them to go looking for Offset. While they were at the VMAs, Petty and his boy Knukks aka HBK posted a video in which Petty said "waiting for you n***as to act stupid. A blog picked up the video and included a tweet from Cardi B that said "I ain't even flinch." Afterward, HBK saw the post and tagged Cardi in his response. Then he posted DM's Offset allegedly sent him two days after the VMA's.

While Petty and his crew were posted up outside in New York, Offset was down in Atlanta where he appeared on streamer Kai Cenat's stream. On Saturday morning, the "Jealousy" rapper posted a video and responded to all the drama. He recorded himself getting off a private plane in Colorado before he hit up the Colorado State vs. Colorado game. See his response below.

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