Popular Florida Destination Named Among Best Places To Travel In The U.S.

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With 2023 in full swing, it's not too late to make those vacation plans. Plenty of renowned publications have picked their top travel spots for curious tourists, including Condé Nast Traveler. Writers selected the 23 best U.S. destinations to visit this year.

The website states, "Led by news and destination trends from this year—and those we can already see coming to fruition in 2023—this list is packed with exciting new builds and success stories, from culinary and hotel renaissances to reinvigorated neighborhoods and comeback kids in the aftermath of COVID-19's peak."

A popular tourist destination in Florida appeared on the list: The Everglades! Here's why it was chosen:

"The Everglades’ wetlands extend over 1.5 million acres through South Florida, and offer a wide variety of experiences, like airboat rides, hiking, and even camping in Seminole-style chickees, or elevated sleeping platforms. Indigenous people, including the Seminole that still have a presence in the Everglades today, were here long before the park: The Seminole Tribe of Florida operates the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum and Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation. If you’re not the camping kind, the Flamingo Lodge and Restaurant’s 24 rooms made from converted shipping containers and 20 furnished eco tents are set to reopen in 2023."

Here's another cool tidbit to keep in mind: Everglades National Park is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year!

To read more about what makes the Everglades an enticing travel destination, and see the full list, visit CN Traveler's website.

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