This Restaurant Serves Florida's Best Bucket-List Barbecue

Above view of barbecue and sides on trays

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Barbecue has a very rich history in American culture. Originating from the South, several distinct smoking and cooking styles have emerged to delight people's taste buds. From the different meats to the various sauces and sides to go along with it, there's no shortage of restaurants serving this exciting cuisine.

Luckily, you don't have to go to one region of the United States to enjoy some barbecue. That's why Cheapism found every state's best bucket-list barbecue joint.

The website states, "Next time you're on a road trip, plan to stop at some of these fantastic, bucket list-worthy barbecue joints that have received top marks from customers and critics."

According to writers, you have to visit Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ to try Florida's most delicious barbecue. Here's why it was chosen:

"True to its name, Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ has a large yard where you can hang out and enjoy some smoked meat while you throw a Frisbee around. It serves up barbecued turkey, brisket, pork, ribs, and sausage with four sauces, including Alabama white sauce and a spicy version with datil peppers grown in St. Augustine."

You can find this restaurant at 4930 State Road 13 N in St. Augustine.

If you're craving more recommendations, check out the full list on Cheapism's website.

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