Meek Mill Explains Why He Thinks Thanksgiving Is 'Fake'

Meek Mill

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Just days before fans are set to sit down with their families to feast on some turkey and other delicious food, Meek Mill claimed Thanksgiving isn't real.

On Monday, November 21, the Philly native took to Twitter to answer a few questions from fans during his popular #AskMeek segment. One fan asked what his plans for Turkey Day are. In response, Meek expressed his opinion about the annual holiday and said Thanksgiving is "fake."

“Thanksgiving fake… The Pilgrims killed the Indians," Meek tweeted. "I still remember them books from school, horrible. I got Indian friends… My family might link up!”

"This what I was trying to say about thanksgiving," Meek said while sharing a link to a music video. "I was just with some people from London, they don’t even celebrate that s**t lol I never thought about if they did either🤔."

YelloPain's intense video for “Happy Thanksgiving" dropped on the holiday in 2021. In it, YelloPain merges a typical thanksgiving gathering with family and friends with the actual massacre that occurred between early English settlers and Native American tribes years after the first peaceful meal. The video has amassed 1.1 million views since YelloPain released it on Thanksgiving day last year.

Meek's evidence wasn't enough for one fan, who questioned why people in London would celebrate the American holiday. The Dreamchasers founder swiftly shot back.

"Why you so passionate about my thoughts … you get any money this week?" he tweeted back. "Are you eating off your education. Who are you and why you on my d#%k like this lol I be crushing this life chill bro I feed families trees you not on my level … this the vibes now tf lol goofy."

His comments on Thanksgiving come right after he dropped his new mixtape Flamerz 5. It's the latest installment in his long-running Flamerz series that features Vory, Tafia, and more. He plans on performing some of the freestyles from the project at his upcoming Dreams and Nightmares 10-Year Anniversary concert this weekend.

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