Rick Ross Expands His Promise Land Zoo By Adding These Wild Animals

Rick Ross

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross is having a great time putting together a massive farm at his 'Promise Land' mansion in Georgia. After adding some cattle to his farm over the past few months, the rapper and entrepreneur is ready to receive the newest additions is his growing collection of animals.

On Thursday, May 26, The Richer Than I Ever Been rapper revealed that he's preparing to add a lion and a lioness to his Promise Land Zoo. In a pair of videos he posted to his Instagram timeline, the Maybach Music Group founder showed off his new animals that will come straight from Senegal in Africa.

"My pet cats ready to come home ❤️ #ThePromiseLandZoo 🦁," Rozay wrote in his caption.

Ross began to boast about his farm a few months back when he purchased a cow. He introduced us to his first cow in a series of Instagram Stories he posted back in February.

"I’m ready for it right now," Ross said in the video. "I’m ready for it. I’m happier than a motherf****r, this a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City to have horses and now—a big boy added? Come on down. You good."

Afterward, Ross went on to add two buffalos to his farm. He received the buffalo as a gift from his business partner, Darius Burton. Burton, who's also the director of brand operations for Etika, explained why he gave Ross the animals to TMZ.

“We are gifting Ross these Buffalo after a conversation at his birthday party back in January," Burton explained. "I wanted to get him a giraffe but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he said let’s start smaller, like a cow. I said nah, everyone has cows, I want you to have something nobody in your state has, I’m getting you a Buffalo.”

Rozay's 'Promise Land' property has transformed from his home to the set of Coming To America 2 to a zoo over the course of the past two years. He also just hosted his first-ever car show on his property, which brought out plenty of celebrities and car enthusiasts.

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