Mother Says She Was Handcuffed, Saw Parents Tased At Texas School Shooting


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A mother from Uvalde, Texas, told the Wall Street Journal that she was handcuffed by police as she and other parents begged officers to storm the building to stop the 18-year-old shooter who was barricaded inside.

Angeli Rose Gomez said that she was detained by federal marshalls for interfering with an active investigation. After several minutes, local police released her, and she rushed into Robb Elementary School to look for her two children.

Gomez said that she was able to find her two children and bring them to safety. As she made her way out of the school, she saw other parents trying to enter the building and said they were met with resistance from the police. Gomez told the paper that she saw one parent get tackled by an officer while another parent was pepper-sprayed.

After students were evacuated and making their way to the buses, Gomez said that she saw an officer tase a father who was trying to retrieve his child.

"They didn't do that to the shooter, but they did that to us," she said. "That's how it felt."

It took nearly an hour before officers stormed the school and fatally shot the 18-year-old gunman, who killed 19 children and two adults inside the classroom where he barricaded himself.

Many have questioned why it took so long for officers to go inside. Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez noted that officers responded to the school "within minutes" and immediately came under fire.

"It is important for our community to know that our Officers responded within minutes alongside Uvalde CISD Officers," Rodriguez said. "Responding UPD Officers sustained gun-shot wounds from the suspect."

"I understand questions are surfacing regarding the details of what occurred," Rodriguez added. "I know answer will come fast enough during this trying time, but rest assured that with the completion of the full investigation, I will be able to answer all the questions that we can."

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