DJ Clue Reflects On Getting Caught Up In Drake, Meek Mill Beef

Drake, DJ Clue & Meek Mill

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Nearly seven years ago, Drake would escalate his beef with Meek Mill to epic proportions when he dropped two bangers with lyrics aimed at the Philly rapper. DJ Clue, who's mentioned on "Charged Up," remembers exactly how he got caught up in their drama.

On Tuesday, May 17, Math Hoffa dropped an episode of his show My Expert Opinion featuring DJ Clue. In the episode, Clue reflects on the moment he found out that he was caught up in Drake and Meek Mill's beef. Clue explained that he was actually setting up a party for Meek Mill right before Drake dropped "Charged Up" and "Back to Back."

"Drake drops the diss record," Clue explains in the clip above. "With my name in it. So now I come back and everybody is looking at me and I'm like 'What the f**k is going on?' I'm like 'They thinking I knew about it' and I'm like 'Nah like how? Like I haven't--- At this time, I hadn't seen Drake in a minute. I'm 'like 'I haven't seen this n***a in a year like I don't know why..."

In "Charged Up," Drake fires shots at Meek Mill before he raps "Must I remind you that Jimmy got 20 million on it?/Need DJ Clue to drop a bomb on it." The mention was most likely inspired by Charlamagne Tha God, who frequently tells his sound man to "drop one of Clue's bombs" on The Breakfast Club. Clearly, Meek's team was not happy about the mention. Nonetheless, Clue brushed it off because he wasn't aware of what the situation was.

Watch more of DJ clue's session on Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion show below.

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