SZA's Mom Had The Most Heartwarming Reaction to Her Daughter's New Music

Get ready for your heart to grow at least three sizes, because SZA sent some unreleased music to her mom to listen to for the first time, and her mother had the most heartwarming reaction.

On Twitter, fan had asked SZA if her mom still listens to her 2017 debut album Ctrl, to which the singer replied, "Tbh ion think she ever did before it came out she told me Beyoncé album made her feel too naked ... so I knew once she heard doves n the wind it was a wrap for me."

But, then, she followed up with a screenshot of the text conversation she had with her mother after sending some new unreleased music. In the text message, SZA sends the audio file, titled "20 Joni RB 06.30.20 — N...," along with the message, "Here's some things I've been working on mommy."

Her mom then gave her "review" and it's so precious. She said to her daughter:

"Sitting here eyes closed, rocking from side to side to your music. There is no one quite like you and your sound. Soothing and disrupting at the same time. Such rich variations in texture, tone and tempos. And I was surprised and touched by the sweet homa'ge to your granny. Love it and love you. Thank you so much for stepping out of what's comfortable to share it with me. I feel so special. Excited for you!"

In the very beginning of the year, SZA confirmed that her new album — the followup to Ctrl — would be released this year. During a Twitter Q&A, she replied to a fan who asked if she would be releasing new music, "I’d say the date me and punch jus discussed .. but that would stress me n build unnecessary pressure .. short answer is yes."

An official album announcement has yet to happen, but based on her mom's thoughts, we can't wait to listen!

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