This Is Why The Weather Was Not Having It With Anyone

By now nearly everyone might have seen weatherman Jamie go in on his viewers for trying to come for him during an interrupted weather report. Viewers according to Jamie were upset that their show was interrupted because of an important weather update- which was about tornadoes ripping through certain communities. Welp, if you were wondering, this is why Jamie thought it was important for everyone to know what the weather was looking like.

While some homes were ravaged and blew away- many have expressed a few strange things that they noticed- some homes would be hit, others would be left untouched. According to a family from Miami County, Ohio (yes-Miami County) that was staying in Florida while there home in Ohio was being destroyed saw the following;

"Part of the home, which belonged to Nancy Sander's sister, was blown more than half a mile away by the EF-2 tornado.

She loved this place and the things, but had they been in the basement, they would have been sucked right out," Sander told WTHR.

But a few items remained, including the family's Bible, virtually untouched by the storm.

One user on social media commented: The Lord still does wonders."

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