The New Artists of Slip N Slide Record Label Chat With Fans!

It’s no secret that Slip N Slide Records has a history of producing some of the greatest hits locally and nationally. With a historic lineup of artists like Trick Daddy, Trina, Plies, Rick Ross and more, their influence is unmatched - especially in the south.

Last night, fans had a chance to chat with the legend, Ted Lucas, owner of Slip N Slide Records and his new artists at The Southwest Sound Stage hosted by Papa Keith and Stichiz.

While the fans had many questions, a lot of the answers stuck out the most. Mike Smiff recalled how he used to spend his nights passing out CDs at club let-outs and used Facebook to send every single friend his latest song.

Teenear, who seems to be the princess of Slip N Slide Records, noted that she doesn’t want to be stuck in a box. She likes to sing pop, r&b, country, and whatever sounds good to her. 

The newest edition to Slip N Slide is a group of four longtime friends called, FSO. They are from Broward County, and have a unique and fun sound. They also mentioned that even though they are a group, they all have individual music coming out too.

The night ended with a performance by every artist and shirts for the fans. 

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