Fresh Out Of Jail, XXXTentacion Calls Out Drake!!

XXXTentacion stopped by the studios at 103.5 The Beat to talk with K. Foxx right after he was released from jail! He talks about his career aspirations now that he's a free man: “There’s three projects I’m coming out with: 17, I Need Jesus, Revenge & then there’s gonna be Members Only Volume 3 project,” he stated.

During the interview, K. Foxx got XXXTentacion to open up about his legal issues, during which he explains how he found out from his fans about Drake allegedly copying his style while he was in jail.

Although XXXTentacion did acknowledge Drake's success saying that he "is the G.O.A.T.",  he then went INNNNN on Drake and the whole situation... 

XXXTentacion said that even though Drake was originally supposed to contact him though his manager, things didn't go as planned...Instead X had a few unfiltered words, “He’s not a man. He’s a b****. That’s a b**** move.”

There's a whole lot more where that came from (words we can't even type out) in this MUST WATCH, uncensored interview:

And in case you missed it....yes, XXXTentacion said that Drake's mom "could get it" lol:

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